Here’s an important concept:
Think of your prospect’s LinkedIn feed like a river.

If you post something, and your prospects aren’t looking at their feed right then, your post will float right past them – never to be seen.

The implications of this should be obvious.

If you are trying to get the attention of that user and you aren’t posting regularly, they will NEVER SEE YOU. You can’t just post once a month and expect anybody to see the valuable insights about your company and its capabilities that you are trying to provide.

You must be present to win.

That phrase is never more true than in social selling.

Social selling is about building connections, curating relationships, to create a sense of credibility and trust that will lead your prospects to contact YOU when they are ready to buy.

For years in marketing, we’ve used the metric that it takes 5-7 brand impressions to really get someone’s attention. It’s no different in social selling.

Nowadays, with the paradigm shift in sales – that most of your prospects will do their homework about companies that might be able to deliver on their needs FIRST, and only then reach out to contact the few that have made the cut – doesn’t it make sense that you should do everything you can to get their attention through channels like social media?

One article states that ninety-one percent of B2B buyers are now active on social, and 84% of senior executives use social to support purchase decisions

Let’s summarize:

  • Your prospects are using social media
  • It’s hard to establish relationships with them because they will only reach out when they are ready
  • If you only post once a month (or less), you are basically invisible to them

Given the above, should you post high-quality content more frequently? Absolutely.

About Vsbl

We’ve developed Vsbl to allow sales team members to post on-brand, visually stimulating content with nuanced messaging to LinkedIn in under 1 minute.

Our Reminder System sends text messages to those team members to encourage more frequent posts.

And there’s a lot more. Contact us and we’ll be glad to show you around.